Pass~Port Tile Collection

It’s no secret, we love pubs.

But do we love our pubs enough to go through the process of photographing their blood, sweat and urine stained tiles to make a collection of skateboards from them? No, and thankfully now we don’t have to because our good friends at Pass~Port did, and they really nailed it. Teaming up with Thomas Robinson (@lobster_cooked), the gents from Pass~Port shot some of the more iconic pubs in NSW and their exterior/interior tiles to pay homage to their favourite drinking holes. No doubt these won’t last very long at all, so head here to get yours. Pubs include; The Cricketers Arms, The Shakespeare Hotel, The Wembley (Now a fucking mansion), GlenGarry Castle Hotel and The Hopetown Hotel.

A few words from the main man himself, Trent Evans from Pass~Port;

“I was lucky enough to spend two solid sun-drenched days kicking around Pubs with my good friend & photographer Thomas Robinson. I had spent a fair chunk of my adult life in some of these establishments and sober or not, I was always so mesmerized by the tile works inside & out. We had a rough plan but, nothing too set in stone, it was just a matter of turn up to a pub & talk to the publican about shooting their tiles. A few history lessons & a couple of the wood with the bar staff & we were ready to shoot these extraordinary tile works that are so unique to each pub. To recreate these tiles these days is next to impossible, there is so much rich history & craftsmanship in every segment, it had to be documented.”


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