Raf Simons’ First Calvin Klein Range Just Dropped

What image does your mind conjure when you think of Calvin Klein?

Wahlberg and Mossy wrapped in a passionate, youthful embrace? A young Brooke Shields kicking her heels in now-vintage CK denim? To say that the brand’s been responsible for some of the most iconic campaigns in recent(ish) memory is an understatement, and since Cal, like the actual Cal, opened the doors to his coat shop in NYC in 1968, the brand’s been synonymous with fashion forward, yet wearable garments for both sexes. Judging by the latest offering from the brand, care of new edition Raf Simons, the legacy’s in safe hands.

Raf Simons is one of the most sought after names in the fash world, and with good reason. The Belgian fine-tuned his craft at the prestigious Antwerp Royal Academy, where he was encouraged by one of his tutors to start his own label, which he did. Raf Simons the label launched in 1995, and his trajectory’s been true north henceforth. After stints at Jil Sander and Dior, and some rather famous and sought after collabs, Raf took the top job at CK late last year. The Fall ’17 collection you see before you is the first full range since he took the reigns at CK, and interestingly it was shot by famous photographer Willy Vanderperre, a long time collaborator of Simons’ who he first started working with in Antwerp way back in the day. Willy’s gone onto become one of the most prominent photographers in fashion, shooting campaigns for Dior and Prada, as well as being a regular contributor to Love, W Mag, American Vogue and plenty more.

Fall ’17 features the new collection shot in the American desert with billboards of last season’s collection, featuring the work of one Andy Warhol acting as the backdrop, creating an element of cohesion reflective of the CK legacy. The collection’s a study in the romanticised outsider’s view of America—something that’s a reality for the Belgian designer—with Simons aiming to walk the line between high fashion and the everyday. The range features marching band uniforms, plastic coated protection, power broker tailoring, antique handcrafted quilting, workwear, and western wear.

The collection also sees the introduction of the Calvin Klein Jeans Established 1978 range, a return to one of the staples of CK’s success; denim. Each of the denim pieces in the range features a patch bearing the silhouette of Brooke Shields from the 1981 campaign taken by Richard Avedon; a wearable slice of brand’s history.

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