Cons Drop New Shoe With Jack Purcell and Polar Skate

The triple threat of Converse, Swedish skateboarding company Polar Skate Co, and Jack Purcell team up for Cons’ latest offering.

On offer are three premium suede sneakers complete with everything you love, only better. They’ve got the signature Jack Purcell smile on the front of the sneak, Polar Skate’s signature happy/sad faces on the license plates, thinner toe caps and traction rubber for improved grip. But what’s a main course without an entree? To back up the new sneakers, Polar Skate and Cons have put together one smooth collab apparel range. Drawing inspiration from days past, the colour palette and silhouettes are all derived from the Venice Beach skate scene of the 80’s. Cotton jersey tees, long sleeves, crewnecks, shorts, hoodies and hats—they got it all, and you probably will too.

You can shop the full range at and selected skate doors around the country.


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