Levi’s Takes over Melbourne’s Night Cat

Photos by Kayle Lawson

Last night Levi’s gave their new Australian menswear campaign a real rocket into orbit by taking over Fitzroy’s The Night Cat with one hell of a party.

Encouraged to arrive early due to a stacked RSVP list, we strolled away from the comfort of the fire at The Napier and waltzed into a denim frenzy, with a semi-art installation soon became a free for all as denim was plucked from the front of the stage as Steve Smyth stepped on the gas.

Not one for long winded speeches, slide shows and presentations, Levi’s kicked off the night straight away with the reason behind the campaign—live music. The round circle stage held host to Steve Smyth, Polish Club, Luca Brasi, Ivan Ooze and our pick of the evening, Confidence Man, who tore the room apart. Janet Planet and Sugar Bones moved around the dance floor like nothing else.

Though it was a helluva night (and the photos below are the only recollections we have), the biggest takeaway from the night has to be that in a time where the powers that be seem to be actively working against local music scenes across Australia, Levi’s are helping them to swim against the stream.

Let’s do it all again next week.

Check the full story, including interviews and videos, behind Levi’s Live In Music right here.

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