WKND vs Nike on the Baseball Diamond

It’s always funny to watch skateboarders play organized team sports.

Are they really trying? Are they being coy, playing it cool? Damn, some of those dudes can hit! But, also, why? In this case, why is because Nike gave WKND a shoe, which is also code for “now you have to get your team together all in one place for the first time in who knows how long for an actual commercial shoot and do what we say.” So the teams, notably with exception of WKND’s marquee player Austyn Gillettewho might actually be too cool—got together and played ball in the Nike/WKND collaboration; a leather Blazer in a mellow shade of off-white. Even though the clip was too long and got a bit repetitive, it was hard to deny the Sandlot summer vibes and, like the nerd in gym who was picked last but miraculously gets a hit against the varsity pitcher, is endearing in its effort and gusto. I haven’t quite figured out what WKND is about but I give them props for creating not-just-for-instagram content like this or their Johan Stukey roast. Even though it’s on the longer side, like the nerd in gym class, the WKND/Nike ball game gets an A for effort. And the shoe is fresh. But why’d they let Koston on the mound? Didn’t he blow that opening pitch at the Dodgers game in 2010?

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