Art, Towels?

Buying art is expensive.

The bigger it is, the more expensive it is. If you bought, say, a towel-sized piece of any worthwhile original artwork then that would run you a pretty penny. You know what’s not as expensive as art? Towels. I’m sure there’s towels out there in the triple digit price range but, for the most part, they’re pretty affordable. And they’re pretty ubiquitous, as most people don’t want to wait around to be air dried. Generally pretty bland and boring, they also happen to be a perfect size and shape for showcasing art. While Disney and other children’s companies have this on lock, Slowtide cleverly recognised a void and has created an artsy towel company for adults and children alike. Their newest venture is a collaboration with multi-medium tattoo artist Dan Climan of Montreal, Canada. Dan has adorned a pink towel with some of his iconic tattoo-style flash art. I’d definitely grab it from the linen closet over a solid colour towel. I’d even grab it before my most-used palm tree towel. Then I’d spread it out on the beach and proudly display how my love of art has crossed with my dislike for air drying. It’s also pink, which looks great against both sand and bathroom tiles. As seen in the above video, Dan is a good dude with our sincere backing and everyone from Douglas Adams to South Park writers know the importance of a towel so go on and get yourself one, it’s peak beach season!

The Slowtide x Dan Climan “Flash” towel is available at finer board shops globally and online, here.

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