Laura Evans, By Tim Swallow

You know that saying in English, ‘to do it in vain’?

As you’re most likely aware, it means to waste your time and effort, since the outcome of your actions will not be accomplished. Like how every morning I park my car in a different spot to avoid birds shitting on my car, but they do it anyway. Or how I think if I vocalise the fact that I’m having a “quiet night, one or two drinks” to my friends, it’ll stop me from having an absolute blinder. Or, even bothering to write words right here. Every single letter on your screen has been pieced together in vain, because you didn’t come here for the words, did you? You came here for Laura Evans. And if we’re completely honest, we don’t blame you in the slightest. Scroll on, my friend.

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Photos by Tim Swallow

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