Like Tacos and Tequila?

I went to a pool party in Cancun one time and it was single-handedly the worst party I’ve ever been to in my entire life.

The human-bodily-fluid cesspit that once resembled a pool was filled to the brim with frat boys and the kinds of girls who wear those fluro headband things. It hit rock bottom when a twerking contest began on stage, and an Australian girl with the finesse of an inflatable tube man—those things that dance out the front of car dealerships—volunteered herself. Laura Austin’s Mexican poolside experience however, was very different. From her comfortable pool lounge in Todos Santos, she drank cocktails, ate tacos, and pieced together a sun-kissed bunch of songs that are so mellow, it’s completely wiped any memories of Pitbull and Avicii from my memories. Think Devendra Barnhart, Mac DeMarco, The Velvet Underground, Allah-Las, Portugal. The Man, Seu Jorge and more. Bueno.

You can listen to Laura Austin’s playlist on the Monster Children curators page on Apple Music right now, and check out all the other tunes we’ve put together for you. If you’re the non-commitment type, take Apple Music for a spin for the first three months for free. You’ll see why we like it so much.

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