Jake Darwen and the X Pan

Jake Darwen is really fucking young.

It’s mind-blowing to see the catalogue of photography that he has compiled over his short time shooting and he seems to be constantly working and skating. Being born into the digital era can be dangerous for young photographers—you can end up relying on the technology and the disposable frames. Jake never fell victim to this, instead making everyone look lazy when he came through with his precision. Darwen’s expertise has been ever-expanding with whatever camera he picks up. His lighting and compositions are virtuosic and mesmerising. Skateboard photography, shit, photography in general, is lucky to have Jake pushing the boundaries and bringing a bit of drama and mastership back. Andrew Peters

“I got my X Pan as soon as it came out in 1998. I went straight from the camera store, and opened the box at a spot. The very first frame of film I shot with it was of Guy Mariano doing a F/S Flip at the Liquor Store bump in Vernon, Ca. I was in love with the camera and the format as soon as I picked up my film from the lab. The camera was a close companion of mine over the next 17 years capturing everything from the streets of LA to the DC Video Mega Ramp sessions with Danny Way. I don’t usually sell too much camera gear, but when I do, I like selling it to a friend who I know will put it to good use. Jake Darwen certainly fits that description. I look forward to seeing what he does with it!” – Mike Blabac

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