This South Beach Photo Series is People Watching at its Best

The beach is, without a doubt, one of the greatest people watching terrains on the planet.

There’s some kind of beauty in seeing complete strangers stripped down to their most uninhibited, and one person who’s in agreeance is photographer Marco Arguello, a Texas native born to Paraguayan parents. The highly saturated colours, paired with the humorous and slightly intrusive nature of his images are reminiscent of Martin Parr’s Life’s a Beach series, but within a distinctively American context. Marco told us this about the process behind Ultraviolet, which he shot during his time living in Miami:

“The series focuses on the eccentric sun worshippers found on South Beach. I’ve always been fascinated with the democratic nature of the beach as well as the saturated colours of burnt skin and terrible wardrobe choices. For me, the series is bizarre, comical, and very visually appealing all at the same time. You want to look away yet you can’t stop staring. The isolation in the composition in most of the photos also makes you wonder if some were staged (three girls) or has you asking yourself: what is happening here?”

So, let the sun redden your shoulders and the ice cream drip down your chin as you stare unashamedl—this is beachside voyeurism at its best.

See more or Marco’s work on his website or Instagram @marcoandres

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