We Witnessed the Rebirth of the Lansdowne Last Night

Photos by Sam Brumby

Sydney’s iconic Lansdowne Hotel re-opened last night, and fear not—it’s everything you’d hoped it would be.

Instead of whinging about how shit the state of affairs of Sydney’s live music scene has become over past few years, the guys behind the revival of the Lansdowne Hotel have actually done something about it. If you’re partial to a murky dancefloor, stripper poles, Michaelangelo-esque porn interiors, pizza and not being told when to go home, the conveniently-outside-lockout-zone Lansdowne is now yours for the taking.

Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham opened doors last night and gave the stagnant live music scene in central Sydney a good bump, and it came in the form of a Sydney supergroup. Band members from Sticky Fingers, Delta Riggs, DMAs, The Jezabels, Royal Headache, The Preatures, True Vibenation and Gideon Bensen all jumped up to christen the upstairs stage of our new favourite venue in Sydney.

When you’re sinking a whole lot of piss you need a bit more than a flake of crab and shredded cabbage on a taco the size of your palm to line the stomach. That’s something that Jake and Kenny got down-pat a long time ago with both Mary’s in Newtown and the Unicorn in Paddington, and they’ve got delicious stomach fillers on the menu once more: Detroit-style deep dish pizza, burgers, and pasta, just to name a few. We received testimonial from a highly intoxicated Monster Children employee in the wee hours of the morning that they’d give up their first born child to eat said pizza every day.

The Lansdowne is having a massive opening weekend, and while we’re sworn to secrecy as to who’s performing over the next few nights, we can say you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t swing by. If you thought your raucous nights out in Sydney were behind you, think again—The Lansdowne is back.

Tickets on sale at the door every night at 8 PM, first in best dressed.

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