Get Acquainted with Caravan Skateboards

What initially struck me about Caravan Skateboards was their painstaking, almost stubborn adherence to a high standard of art and identity.

They create unique board series with compelling and original art in the classical mold – the graphics screen printed or heat transferred depending on what works better for the art. This process gets talked about early on in the design of each board. Forgoing regular artists, they opt for a changing cast of collaborators which has yielded a dope and diverse array of decks, all manufactured, printed, and distributed from Southern California. I’ve ridden some. I recommend them.

The Caravan ethos extends to their brand identity. Their founder, Adam Facciolla, “Felt that established companies had been recycling graphic ideas. There was an incredible amount of art talent out in the streets and in the skate community.” He wanted to create a company that helped bridge the gap between these artists and the boards people ride. When Caravan invites an artist to do a board the only thing they ask of them is to “make the board their canvas.” Luckily, they have a keen eye for art and design so they are left with some pretty rad results.

Their community-oriented image is also strengthened by their team, or lack thereof. Nobody is specifically listed on their website but a cursory glance at their Instagram will show regulars, sometimes referred to as team riders, sometimes homies, sometimes friends, but all members of the same group, bonded together by the same mode of transportation–just like a caravan.

The Caravan rolled on over to Barcelona with filmer Corey Henderson for a two-week stay. Corey has been back and forth from Chicago to Barcelona for the past 3-4 years filming for his Trabajando video series and hints at this being the beginning of a new project. Count this as a teaser/promo for the as-yet-unnamed project. By cropping HD footage to a 4:3 aspect ratio as opposed to scaling the VX stuff up, Corey excellently mixes medias in a way I am jealous to admit I’ve never thought of. This is a great platform to showcase the Caravan’s unique styles and skateboard abilities on some of the tried but always optimum classic spots of Barcelona. Torqued flip tricks, funky manuals, and sweet MACBA lines abound to spacey and subsequently Spanish language tunes. And holy shit, those pants.

Barcloners features Jason Siebert, D.J. Brown, Abe Zverow, Nico Rizzo, Nick Bezinovich, Mike Miller, Corey Henderson, and Adam Facciolla

Follow Corey on Instagram @trabajandoskate and YouTube at Segatron Media. Buy Caravan Boards and check out their vibe at and follow them @caravanskateboards

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