‘Unrealistic’, a Show by Jamie Preisz

If you’re in Sydney next Saturday then here’s something that you might be interested in.

Jamie Preisz is a young Sydney artist whose work is on a severely upward trajectory. His latest series of—mainly—portraits is showing at Commune in Waterloo next Saturday (remember that joint?), and if you’re in the market for perusing some sublimely painted large canvases, sucking on a Young Henrys or a glass of vino courtesy of Tatachilla Wines, or some nosh thanks to Surry Hills institution Maybe Frank, then we highly recommend heading down. We’ll be there too, as if that wasn’t enough.

The show’s called ‘Unrealistic’ and it’s a study in the seemingly (but ultimately not) void past time of spending countless hours trying to construct a realistic portrait of another human being with paint in the age where you can snap a billboard quality image of them on your phone. “I think if anything it was because it’s so easy now,” says Jamie in justification of his time-consuming chosen profession. Before adding that you should come along because it’ll be, “heaps of fun.” Simple and direct, can’t say fairer than that.

Jamie’s also produced a zine for the exhibition that features the work of his vast collection of talented acquaintances including Nigel Milsom, James Adams, Kitty Callaghan, Izzy Manfredi, and more—it’s the little things.

Keep your eyes peeled here, if not, see you next weekend.

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