OJ Wheels Knows the Beauty of Repurposing

In the vastly expanding, tiring, and inflated world of internet skateboard content, OJ Wheels has found a cool formula to keep up with the demand: teef it.

I’m not one to watch everything out there but I am one to want to hype myself up before a session, so you know I’m clicking around. OJ Wheels stay blessing my timeline with clips that are constantly getting me stoked, and rarely are these clips original OJ Wheels content. Rather, they’ll post video ‘mixtapes’ which can be anything from a Tom Knox phone dump to remixes of pre-existing footage, crossed with some new stuff like this Erick Winkowski number. They have other mashups and videos with no real naming conventions outside of a relation to wheels or juice.

Take the ‘Fresh Blend’ clips, for instance—using a highly appreciated orange juice reference to keep with the company’s theme, they tend to run the gamut from throwaway stuff, random phone clips, or particularly productive sessions that didn’t find another home. They’re not shooting their own stuff, they’re just repurposing stuff that exists. I can’t blame them. Pat Duffy ain’t filming a part for the forthcoming OJ Wheels video anytime soon, but he had a Fresh Blend a few months ago that was gnarly as all get out.

Sometimes OJ’ll straight up teef one of their rider’s full parts from another—usually homie—video. This was the case with the Cody Chapman 316 part I just watched that got me stoked enough to re-watch before hitting the streets. In all fairness, I almost turned it off during the Stone Cold intro but the faux-testosterone drinking antics immediately subsided into the Fat Man Scoop remix of Faith Evans’ “Love Like This” and I was ready to go.

When OJ does create original content, it’s usually in the form of clips called “Cruisin’ with _____” and is exactly what it sounds like: cruising around with said rider on a set of big ol’ softy wheels, which OJ calls ‘Hot Juice’, a name not nearly delicious as Fresh Blend. Content names aside; great. Nothing purporting to be an insane part and no 15-second commercials that feature one trick. Cruisin’? Great. You like the rider, you watch them cruise. Simple. Oh, you don’t want to watch their simple cruising videos? Well, here’s some awesome other shit from their team that’ll put some shine on a lesser known video or some footage that was going to rot away on a phone.

OJ knows that what sells skateboarding is sick ripping and they’re not trying to do too much on their own when their riders’ other output speak for themselves. Spitfires keep chunking up on me, I think I’ll try some OJs for my next set of wheels (though in all honesty, those Spitfire parts are fire).

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