Elijah Berle – Where it All Began

Film, photos and words by Andrew James Peters

With a never-ending emphasis on travel, skateboarders scour the earth to find more/new shit to skate.

And it’s easy to forget that much of the skateboarding’s style and culture was born by the beach. Elijah Berle takes it all back home in this exclusive video shot in his backyard of Santa Monica, CA, showing the ‘surf’ style is alive and well.

No matter where in the world you spent your formative years, you’re gonna find some sort of pride in the little nooks and crannies of how you’ve managed to become yourself. Elijah Berle was born in Santa Monica, which is embedded with the surfing and skateboarding history of the Dogtown era. The nooks and crannies were waves and pools and without taking anything for granted Elijah has made the most and is proud of where he’s from. I mean, can ya blame him?

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