And Now for Something Completely Different

Last night Double Rainbouu showed their 7th collection, Day Break Moon Club, at Sydney Fashion week.

Now, don’t panic and think that we’re going all fashion swoon on you; it just that our friends’ show last night was a real blast and we think that those of you wishing to add something a little fruity to the wardrobe should sit up and pay attention. Double Rainbouu’s been around for just over a year and they’ve already released 7 collections, the latest of which is a self-dubbed ‘resort collection’ which explores the relationship between the hippy movement and acid house culture that’s culminated in places like Goa and Ibiza in the 70s.

Mikey Nolan and Toby Jones, the two gents behind the label, have branched out into women’s swimwear with the latest collection—which includes oversized beach bags, poncho towels and unisex windbreakers—and they’ve even got an eyewear range coming out with Le Specs; safe to say, they’re up to something. And that something may well be bringing a splash of colour to wardrobes around the world.

If you’re game for a shakeup (the pool shorts are particularly special) then dive in here.

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