Woody Gooch is Having a Show at The Slow

Now here’s a collab that sits just fine with us.

You’ll be familiar with the work of Mr Woody Gooch—the young photographer from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland who sees things just a little differently (and happened to take out our annual photo contest the year before last). And, if you’ve been paying close attention, then you’ll also know hip new Bali homestay The Slow—started by ex-Ksubi comrades George Gorrow and Gareth Moody. Well, the two teams have joined up, and Woody’s having a show at the hotel’s Room 13 Gallery at the end of the month.

The press release tells me that Woody’s still only “22” which is totally depressing—I swear that office jockeys and freelancers age at different rates—but he’s forged quite the rep, and it’s not hard to see why; kid takes unbelievable photos. The show at The Slow will feature Woody’s work that centres around the ocean, but it’s not limited to surf. It does, however, capture “fleeting moments in the water while honouring the sensual beauty of the waves”—ooh press release.

Seriously though, Woody’s work’s the real deal, and if you’re in Bali at the end of the month then you should definitely go and check it out. There’s live tunes courtesy of Reverberation Radio—the web music institution forged by Allah-Las and friends in LA—and it’s guaranteed to draw the grooviest expat crowd since Snoop Dogg played Potato Head in 2013.

The Slow’s situated at 97 Batu Bolong, Canggu, Bali, and the show starts on the 31st May. See here for more details.

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