Taylor Steele’s Proximity Premiered at The QT in Sydney Last Night

The Monster Children relationship with Proximity goes way back.

The year was 2016 and we were in LA to hang with Steph Gilmore in the lead up to guest editor issue that spawned The Tempest. Steph was in Mexico filming with Taylor Steele and Rasta for their part in Proximity, and long story short but Steph missed her flight and Taylor left his RED camera at the airport. Anyway, last night we finally got to see the wares of the last few years of filming, and to be honest, it was pretty special. The film paired famous surfers with each other and took them to locations thought to compliment their skill set; KS and JJF in Palau, Shane Dorian and Albee Layer in Scotland, Steph and Rasta in Mexico, you get the picture.

Rasta and Steph, on their way to the airport.

Highlights include the mic’d up slab session in Scotland with Albee and Dorian, the tube shoot off between JJF and KS, the mindless left that Rob and Ando surf in Chile, and the general buzz of watching a full-length surf movie on the big screen rather than the usual 3:30 on the horizontal iPhone on the bus to work in the morning.

Photo by one of the best in the game, Mr Todd Glaser.

The concept for Proximity came about when close friends (who happen to be two of the most well-respected filmmakers and photographers in the game respectively) Taylor Steele and Todd Glaser sat down and discussed who exactly they wanted to work with on the project, and then paired them off, picked a couple of locations that hadn’t been done to death, and then off they went.

The proud director Mr Steele.

The spread at the new(ish)ly opened QT Sydney both before, and after the show was definitely above average. We began the night in Mexico, with tacos and Coronas on offer, before moving to Japan (chicken katsu and nigiri), and ended up in Scotland, or as we named it, the Cheese Room. Though us mere mortals couldn’t experience empty waves in corners of the world on screen, at least we could eat our way through their national delicacies.

Proximity will be available for viewing in the coming months, so keep an eye out for this insanely beautiful surf film coming your way soon.

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