Baker’s Latest Releases are Well Worth Your Time

In the interest of not leading people away from the environs of this site, where I’ve been miraculously allowed to build a nest of my thoughts, slowly nurturing them into a mature published writing portfolio, I’ve been avoiding writing about the slew of Baker videos that have been going up weekly for about a month now.  

Butfuck it. I hope my editor backs me on this. Skateboarding is about the community. Or the culture? Or—I’m getting off track. I’m going to reference those other publications because Baker is sick!  

First, on April 21st, Baker released the Cyril Jackson “Afterburner” part on Thrasher’s website. Now doesn’t he skate just like a molotov cocktail thrown into a bucket of dynamite at a party store? He’s a damn blast. You can tell he has fun while skating, whether he’s kickflipping (switch or regular, shit—he does both) a double-set at control testing speeds or out of a fakie 5-0. The stoke is just contagious to watch. Am Tristan Funkhouser also throws his hat in the mix. Then, under a week later, they toss up a clip from Tampa featuring the rest of the new ams. They don’t say what they’re doing in Tampa; I don’t care what they’re doing in Tampa. Kader’s doing willy grinds and making em look good. Matter of fact, all the new heads are ripping in a manner worth your time. Don’t worry, Reynolds and Spanky are there as well, frontside flipping and wallriding right in step with the young blood.  

Tampa was just a tease. The next day they dropped the “Baker Ams” video featuring the same fellas in their hometown Los Angeles. Given the youthfulness of these rippers, many of the tricks are right in step with current trends. All three of the featured riders; Kader Sylla, Donta Hill, and Zach Allen do an ollie body-varial. And you know what? I watched each one more than once. They’re all sick but Donta’s style is insane. I haven’t seen anything like it in a long time. And, again, our old friends Reynolds and Spanky are still here skating while Herm gives his kudos. Finally, this week, Skateboarder Magazine drops a quickie from a trip they took to Dubai—notably adding Figgy who, I always seem to forget, doesn’t just ride for Emerica. I could listen to those fellas grinding those tile ledges all day. And the hijinks. And the slo-mo. And the whole team together, goofing off and skating as a team, the way they have ever since Baker Bootleg dropped in 1998.  

Baker displays a special cohesion that comes from a history of skating together, in person, as a team and it’s being handed down to the next generation.  It’s truly heartwarming.  Like a pre-social media Crailtap, they’re creating videos that clearly have more thought than an Instagram post and hammering them out, proving not all footage needs to be broadcast on social media. So since they’re spreading the love beyond Thrasher I have an idea.  Baker—Reynolds, bossman—hit us up! Hit me up!

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