6 Places to Hide From Coronavirus

The world is the midst of a crisis as the Coronavirus creates fear and chaos across the globe.

While the media beat-up hasn’t helped, causing otherwise sane people to lose their minds and buy toilet paper like it’s going out of fashion, there’s no doubting this flu epidemic is a serious situation and finding a place to bunker down is imperative. We thought we’d help you out by highlighting six locations where you’ll be safe from the virus before shit hits the fan and we find ourselves in some post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Antarctica: The most obvious place to escape any form of sickness or disease taking over the world is by heading to Antarctica. With no original inhabitants, the only people currently living there are scientists, military personal and researchers who must all pass strict health checks before arrival. McMurdo Station, a small research center at the southern tip is the most remote location and the obvious spot to kick back for a few months until all the commotion dies down. The only downer is the weather (the average winter temp is -49 degrees Celsius) and the crap Internet connection, but if you like snow sports you’ll be in paradise.

Easter Island: Chile has been classified as one of the safest travel destinations during the Coronavirus outbreak, but if you really want to make sure you stay healthy, a visit to the adjacent Easter Island should be on the cards. Technically under Chile rule, the small island known as Rapa Nui is not only home to mysterious statues created by the former Polynesian locals but is located in the Pacific Ocean thousands of kilometers from the mainland. You’re likely to get bored after a week or two, but if you enjoy the outdoors and want somewhere you can relax and leave your problems behind this is the place to stay.

Motuo County: Yes, I realise Motuo County is part of China where this fast-spreading superbug first came about, but it’s such an isolated region the chances of you meeting someone with COVID-19 is unfathomable. The secluded mountainous terrain in the Tibetan Autonomous Region is virtually cut off from the rest of the world. The only way to access the area is by foot, with a trip usually taking four days to complete. The end destination is a beautiful untouched paradise of lush vegetation, mountain gorges and wild streams where many small villagers remain oblivious to the outside world.

Ittoqqortoormiit: This difficult-to-pronounce fishing village is a hard to reach spot on the northeast coast of Greenland. The water surrounding the town is almost always frozen year-round, making travel by boat near impossible; flights are few and far between and include a helicopter ride from the airport to the actual village. In short, it’s a mission getting in and out of Ittoqqortoormiit. This alone is a great reason to hideout out there, with the tiny population known for their love of fishing, camping and hunting. This is probably because there isn’t much else to do, so if you’re not averse to eating whale and wearing ten layers of clothing 24 hours a day, put Ittoqqortoormiit at the top of your list of locations to shelter during the outbreak.

Oymyakon: The only way to enter Oymyakon is via a decades-old road called ‘The Road of Bones’, giving you a pretty clear indication of what to expect at this rural village in Russia’s northeast. The coldest inhabited place on earth has an average temperature of -58 degrees Celsius and only three hours of light daily. Due to the extreme weather conditions crops don’t grow, so the 500-odd locals eat reindeer meat, fish and horse blood ice cubes with macaroni. It sounds depressing but at least you’ll most likely be the only visitor.

Mars: If you really want to minimise your chances of getting sick, forget earth and jump on the next expedition heading to Mars. While still in its infancy, space travel for us regular Joe’s will soon become a reality thanks to people like Elon Musk and Richard Branson, who both aim to introduce space travel into everyday life very soon. It won’t be cheap, but the opportunity to escape our dystopian future and experience life on another planet seems like a pretty good offer to me. In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘Get your ass to Mars.’

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