6 Amazing Google Arts & Culture Virtual Tours

If being locked at home and binge-watching your favourite television shows and listening to true crime podcasts and not wearing pants is starting to get a little tiring…

…why not get some culture in your life and visit some of the worlds greatest museums and galleries? Tech giant Google has cultivated an incredible website called Google Arts and Culture that offers online access to a whopping 500 different cultural organisations around the world. Launched in 2016, the initiative allows you to explore museums, galleries and historic sites, providing detailed information about what’s on display along with virtual tours that are as close to being there as you’re going to get in our current situation. To help you practice social distancing accordingly while still appreciating some fantastic art, here are six virtual tours you can take today.

Musse d’Orsay, Paris – Housed inside the beautiful former Orsay railway station built in 1900, Musse d’Orsay is one of Paris’ most popular museums. Displaying artwork from 1848 to 1914 it holds the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist works in the world—which probably doesn’t mean much unless you’re a die-hard art fan. The short of it is this virtual tour allows you to gaze upon famous works such as Vincent van Gogh’s Self-Portrait and Emile Galle’s intriguing ‘Hand with Seaweed and Shells’ without the crowds and while lying on your couch in trackies. Tour starts here.

British Museum, London – For a country obsessed with football and drinking the Brits sure do love a bit of culture. There are around 170 museums in London alone, with the British Museum the pick of the bunch. Home to over 7,000 items spanning two million years of human history and culture, you can view most of them as part of the virtual tour, with Egyptian artifacts, Mexican artwork, and the famed Rosetta Stone all available to feast your eyes upon. Google also offers an outdoor look at the museum along with a tour of the legendary Parque Nacional Tikal Mayan cathedral in Guatemala. Check it out.

Guggenheim, New York – Just as famous for its artwork as its Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York is a must-visit. While obviously not possible in the current climate, thankfully you can experience the post-modern exhibits and art installations from home with this engaging tour. There’s a lot of weird and wonderful stuff here, from abstract statues to photo profiles, with the ability to explores some of the museum’s special exhibits an added bonus. Enter here.

MASP, Sao Paulo – Brazil’s first modern art museum was founded by local businessman Assis Chateaubriand in 1947 and has evolved into the country’s premier non-profit museum. The collection contains some 8,000 works from a wide range of time periods and countries spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Check out Raphael’s ‘The Resurrection of Christ’, Claude Monet’s ‘Boating On The River Epte’ and Vincent van Gogh’s ‘A Walk At Twilight’, one of the museums most cherished assets. Have a wander.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence – Florence’s Uffizi Gallery is one of Italy’s most celebrated galleries. Situated on the edge of the river Arno, it’s chock full of Renaissance paintings and classic sculptures. It might sound a little boring but there are over 300,000 different works on display, with well-known pieces from heavyweights Michelangelo, Titian, Canaletto and Botticelli. If the art doesn’t do it then the rich interiors and remarkable architecture of the gallery will impress. Click here for tour.

Photo credit JUNG YEON-JE

National Museum Of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul – There’s some pretty wild stuff at Korea’s museum of modern and contemporary art. Split into four different museums across Seoul, the original and main museum located in Gwacheon is spread across three floors and includes work from a combination of local and international artists along with a massive sculpture park. There’s so much to see Google offers six different tours of the museum to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Take a squiz.

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