The Stoner-Tropical-Slacker-Summer Sport-Enthusiast

Skate clothing brand Paterson’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection channels the company’s trademark fashion and tennis influences while riffing on a classic look: the stoner-tropical-slacker-summer sport-enthusiast.

Sounds fresh, no?  From the two-toned, a.k.a “T-tone,” pocket t-shirt to the flamingo embellished top hat, the items are crisp and sparse with a laid back South Floridian resort feelif your fashion Insta-famous teen cousin hung out smoking blunts at South Floridian resorts, that is.  

“I wanted the backdrop to be a stoner/Dazed & Confused kind of theme,”Paterson owner German Nieves tells me. “The brand will always be influenced by tennis, skating, and fashion, but I don’t want Paterson to always be an obvious tennis lookbook. There’s other things that I’m influenced by too.” The season’s lookbook does a great job displaying some of those and reinforcing the high school pothead vibe while allowing Germ’s “made for play” style to stay centre stage.  The lookbook was shot in what appears to be a ‘70s basement but turns out to be a brand new bar/restaurant called the “Flower Shop” that caught his eye in the Lower East Side.  He doesn’t only work in bars, though.  The day after we spoke he hopped on a flight to Los Angeles to install an in-store window display at American Rag on La Brea. I told him “Paterson’s going Hollywood!” He laughed and said “I never thought I’d be doing a display for my own brand […] It’s a milestone, for sure,”.  And his favourite item in the line?  “It’s probably that resort bowling shirt with the flamingo and the top hat.  It’s so obnoxious and cool.  I love it.”

Cop some Paterson online, or better yet, check the display in person and buy some at American Rag on 150 S La Brea in Los Angeles.

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