Etnies Dip Their Toe into the Vegan Realm

“Vegan” is both a nounsomeone who doesn’t eat anything with animal productsand an adjectivesomething that doesn’t contain any animal products.

Ryan Lay is a vegan but his new Etnies shoe, the Vegan Jameson High Top, employs the adjective form of the word. That is to explain that the shoe isn’t made out of any animal products. Though, you’d know that already if you watched the embedded video above. If you didn’t, Ryan explains in his own words that his new shoe was technically born when someone bet him to become a vegan. So he did. Weird. I back Ryan’s skating and his Arizona-based Skate After School program, though, so I finished watching. You should too because it will also remind you about Sheep Shoes, the short-lived Etnies sister company on Sole Technology that made its own vegan shoes. Ryan harks back to that legacy with an artfully executed nod to their Sheep logo from his friend Michael Worfula fun little flower that adorns the tongue of the shoe as well as a capsule of t-shirts, socks, a hat, and a sweatshirt. You’ll also learn that the shoe has a hidden toe cap which they seem to make a big deal about via a little graphic. It’s probably a matter of taste if you prefer your toe cap hidden or not but it does lend the shoe a clean, crisp 90’s heyday aesthetic. Or you could get the one with the all-over print of farm animals holding hands on it. That’s—well, that’s some kind of aesthetic. Whatever your choice, get yourself a pair. You probably won’t be able to nollie onto handrails like Ryan but rest assured you’re not wearing any animals on your feet.

Grab yourself a pair of guilt free shoes here.

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