It’s Official: Skating’s no longer confined to Dry Asphalt

The existence of different kinds of ground in skateboarding gets me inordinately psyched.

I like to think about ground, rolo-dexing types in my mind to maybe later draw a little texture doodle and reflect on the cultural histories that go into their creation. No joke, this is real stuff I do. These thoughts already make me want to skate, so a video full of all the types of ground there are to offer; asphalt, wet asphalt, cement, marble, tile, brick, dirt, weird ancient euro tiles, colours, whatever; got me really stoked. It really means you’re getting around when you have that much ground in your video. Or you have an architecturally intricate, old, urban place to skate in. Either way—sick.

Dillon Catney (via Subterranean)

It’s unsurprising then, that I dug this video from Subterranean Skateboards, who feature the Latin word for ground in their name. The video, called Palm, came to me from the explore tab on Instagram. Subterranean Skateboards’ website, while mysterious and sleek, was obnoxiously annoying to get around. I didn’t stick around or learn much. I did discern that they’re a board company, from where I don’t know, and that they do care about their images, if not their communicability. Palm reinforces that notion, notably with a wide, diverse array of street spots featuring various types of ground. The filming style represents that array and the editorial choices seem to favour the spots more than the skaters. It’s all glitchy and lo-fi which seems to be the norm these days but the glitches have a nice colour palette, weird as it is to say, contrasting with the greys of what I can only assume to be somewhere in the UK. The skating was sick, too. There were a lot of long fun lines such as the insane opener: a no-pusher that ends with a wheel falling off.  I don’t know what ‘palm’ means or represents. Maybe it’s just an ironic nod to a trendy tree that is nowhere to be seen in this video. Subterraneously, though, I find myself imagining the potential levels of road rash on the palm of one’s hand should they slam on some of the grimier spots in the video. I swear I wasn’t planning on using that word.

Damen Garcia nollie (via Subterranean)

So—sick little thing—I back it. Thanks internet, again, for working your algorithmic magic and stoking me up with something new. Subterranean Skateboards had like 300 followers when I went to their Instagram account so go show ’em some love. Oh, and on a side note, just like I no longer remember the time when I was staunchly opposed to Drake’s music, I appear to be coming around to techno music in skate clips. The regular use of house/breakbeat/dark ambient/drone/wow-there’s-some-wild-subgenres-of-this-stuff music was something I wasn’t really feeling for a while. Watching this was the first time I realised that, whoa, I’m kind of into it. Huh.

Get acquainted with Subterranean here.

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