How an Abandoned Skyscraper Led to ‘Chromatic Reflection’

Long time Monster Children friend, Aaron Farley, has just launched his most recent book, Chromatic Reflection.

Back in 2000, Aaron was on a cross-country road trip and found himself exploring an abandoned art deco skyscraper in the middle of St. Louis. He stumbled upon piles of vintage black and white large format film which at the time he had no use for, however he collected from the stairwells and disused offices anyway. Fast forward 16 years and these found slides became the foundation for Chromatic Reflection. Utilising angled and manipulated light, Aaron photographed the original images to create a truly unique body of work. The result is beautiful and the hardcover books are now currently in their first pressing and available through Atelier Editions.

Buy Chromatic Reflection here.


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