Claire Collins, by Jennifer Stenglein

Photo by Jennifer Stenglein

You wanna know something weird?

Matthew McConaughey used to live in Australia. It’s true. He did a student exchange in Warnervale on the Central Coast when he was 18. How random is that? You know what’s even weirder? In the early 50s, Dizzy Sheridan–the actress who plays Seinfeld’s mum dated James Dean. She even wrote a book about it. Another weird fact: Bruce Lee was also a world champion cha-cha dancer. True. Look it up. And how about Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, founding the Zeppelin Publishing Company so that he could trademark “Zeppelin” before Led Zepp broke in the States? What a fucker. Look it up. Also, necrophilia is legal in Louisiana, North Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico and Vermont. In Louisiana, oral and anal sex between consenting adults is banned, but if you want to fuck a dead person, go right ahead. Can you believe that?

How about the squirrel that shut down the NASDAQ? According to the New York Times, an “adventurous squirrel shut down the National Association of Securities Dealers’ Automatic Quotation System for 82 minutes on December 9th, 1987, preventing over 20-million shares from being traded”. Another squirrel shut it down for 34 minutes on August 1, 1994. A squirrel. Incredible. Did you know seahorses mate for life? They do, and so do magpies, electric eels, polar bears, and star turtles. What about Claire Collins, the girl in the photo? Her great grandfather is Tom Collins, the guy they named the drink after. Can you beat that? It’s true. Look it up.

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