Former Trunks, Fit to Rip

Considering that the surfing industry is built entirely on them, it’s bafflingly hard to find a pair that aren’t heinous.

That’s where the savvy gents of Former come in. Considering that Dane Reynolds is the maker and test pilot of these trunks, then one thing that you can be assured of is that they aren’t going to hold you up in the surf. They’re inoffensive in length (18 inches), add a little flair (but not too much) to the black motif, and they’re not Stretch Armstrong flexible; just enough to let a man move.

Dane Reynolds, unsurprisingly, is rather particular about his surf shorts, and hey, if they’re good enough for DR, chances are they’ll get you from a to b. “Too tight and you can’t move,” Mr Reynolds explains, “ultra stretch feels like you’re wearing bike shorts (yuk)…Baggy fit, subtle stretch, mid length…I feel like we made a pretty damn good pair of trunks.” Can’t say fairer than that.

Get yourself a slice of Former, right here.

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