Stoke of the Week: ‘Doin’ It’ with Boulevard

I’d never want to discourage anyone from repeat viewings of our very own Huf City Japan Tour that dropped nearly two weeks ago. 

But I am going to point your attention towards a different team in the same country. The Boulevard bros get a quick tour treatment hosted by Tokyo-based VHSMAG in a video section appropriately called Doin’ It. And do it they do. After a quick blast of your standard tour lifestyle shots, the sub-four-minute clip gets right down to business. Rob G, man, where ya been? He lands a few tricks on his heels and has never been more relatably awesome. I’ve missed ya. I was especially psyched on the sloppy but casual flat ground switch flip from Roy Motohashi that looks like the best one I could ever do. Another trick landed on the heel!  As a matter of fact, the whole thing is a mix of casual tricks that are quite relatable. That is until Tiago Llemos’ name flashes on the screen.

It’s seemingly impossible to get hyperbolic when describing this dude. Everybody’s newest favorite skater is on a tear every time you see him. Not since old cars were dragged into southern California parking lots has demo footage looked so damn sick. He seems to stop time and bend gravity when he pops into a grind or catches his tricks. Amongst a slew of other insanity, we get to see that nollie back heel that made the rounds on Instagram from the fisheye point of view. And that’s without mentioning the sweatpants or the switch shuv rewind.  In contrast to the aforementioned Huf joint, the clip has maybe~one~real street spot. But that doesn’t even matter. I’m more than convinced to get to the show the next time Boulevard rolls through town.   

My only question is: Where was Daniel Lebron and Carlos Iqui in this one? And the rest of the team? Two Danny Montoya tricks are not enough.  Boulevard, please put out more. People keep saying the full-length video is dead but I’d watch this team skate again and again. I haven’t seen a full-length tour video in a long time. Why don’t you bring that back? It’s clearly not an issue for your team to stack demo footage. For real, do some demos. I’ll definitely go. I’ll film the damn thing! And bring Daniel Lebron!!!

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