Get Your Hands on Converse’s Limited Edition Zine

We teamed up with Converse for the One Star BBQ Tour at the end of 2016.

The team was strong: Sean Pablo, Sage Elsesser, Brian Delatorre, Mike Anderson, Zered Bassett, Bobby De Keyzer, Jake Johnson, Kenny Anderson, Aaron Herrington, Bryce Golder, Al Davis, Andrew Brophy and Dean Palmer. We trailed them on the streets and hung out for a few days on their nationwide tour, and the results were too good not to share. A few fast days in Sydney resulted in this limited edition zine, put together with images from Converse lensman Jon Coulthard, team riders Bryce and Bobby, and lifestyle photog James Adams.

We gave a bunch out to our Monster Children magazine subscribers, so the only chance you’ve got left to get your hands on a copy is by heading to one of the following Converse retailers: Converse Chadstone, Melbourne Emporium or Macarthur Square Sydney.

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