This Week’s Best Music

Going out on a limb here and declaring this week the best week of 2017, music-wise.

And I’ve got the tracks to back it up. I’m talking first new music from Mount Kimbie in four years, the first new music from Broken Social Scene in seven, and an introduction to your new greatest obsession, New Zealand’s Aldous Harding. What a time to be alive.

Broken Social Scene – “Halfway Home”

Broken Social Scene has been a band for 17 years. It’s inevitable that after so much time playing together, you end up with a lengthy discography of similar sounding songs. But instead of becoming stale, BSC have simply become reliable. They have always nailed their breezy, experimental sound, and their first single in seven years is no exception.

Mount Kimbie – “We Go Home Together” ft. James Blake

Another break in a lengthy creative drought, Mount Kimbie chose to make their triumphant return to the world with fellow Englishman James Blake in tow. The result is a near perfect song; the only fault I can find in it is that it isn’t long enough.

Aldous Harding – “Imagining My Man”

Aldous Harding was discovered busking in the streets near Christchurch, New Zealand, and I like to think that everything that has happened since was all leading up to this one moment when she unleashed this epic into the world. Don’t worry, there’s more on the way—her album Party drops on the 19th May.

Little Cub – “Hypnotise”

Here’s a sombre reflection on life in 21st century England, with an equally dystopian music video to accompany. The band hail from south London, and their debut album, Still Life, drops at the end of this month on Domino.

alt-J – “In Cold Blood”

alt-J are a bunch of show offs. Yeah, we get it, you excel at songwriting and execution. We heard you the first time when you released “3WW”, and now you’re just rubbing it in. Congratulations, guys. You’re excellent.

Björk – “Notget VR”

Ok fine, technically this song came out in 2015, but as if I’m going to watch a video like this and just sit on it. What just happened? I don’t know, but it made my nerves tingle, and I wasn’t even wearing VR glasses like you’re supposed to.

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