Come See What Went Down at ‘No Music’

There was certainly nothing lacking at No Music on Friday night.

See those delightful fellas above? Not only are they a couple of rays of sunshine, they’re also damn fine photographers at that. Sam Brumby and James Adams embarked on a mission to prove they are more than just music photographers, a mission which led them here to Monster Children HQ.

One of the guys remarked that our quite sizeable space might not be big enough for the turnout. And, he was right. The crowd spilled out onto the street (much to the concern of our most sober Monster Children employee who was running the joint), all trying to get a look at the phenomenal work on display. Fed and watered with icy cold Budweisers and pizza from our local, we finally kicked everyone out to continue on to the conveniently located Lady Hampshire just around the corner. Big thanks to Pixel Perfect for hooking us up with the amazing print job, Budweiser for the beers, Tatachilla for the vino and Life Without Andy for shooting. Go on, have a little stalk and check out all the happenings below.

Missed out on getting a print or a zine? You can buy work from Sam Brumby and James Adams right here.

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