Travel Photo Series with Alex Schmidt

Throughout these photos I’m traveling with a skateboard underneath my feet and a camera in my hands. When you go out on skateboarding adventures you come across places and people you wouldn’t see on a regular basis. Why not document things you feel are worth remembering? To me, I think it’s really important to do so. Out of these photographs I sent over there are adventures throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and some from a camping trip my friends and I went on up North to Kings Canyon. At the canyon, we all ate mushrooms and had our short yet unforgettably sweet experience with what we call “Buck Rock.” From hiking, to swimming in a lake, to sitting around a campfire where random locals came outta the dark to join the party, these are some of the things we did all high on the magical mushrooms. In my opinion there was too many of them to go around, almost an endless supply to keep the vibes high and weird. From first timers, to experienced takers things got all sorts of strange. But no matter the tension between the group, we always had our Buck Rock to run off to to gather our thoughts and be one again as a posse. It was about a 75 yard hike up a hill to this massive boulder that seemed almost like a platform. Being the smooth, inviting place to lay and gaze underneath the stars, it was a place to also gather everyone’s mind back onto the same levels. If that was even possible. Everyone who was there will know, but if you weren’t, you can only imagine the story of Buck Rock. I highly suggest you try something like this story on your own. It was a bonding experience to say the least …

– Alex Schmidt



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