5 Random Booze Companies you Didn’t Know were Owned by Rockstars

We always knew Aussies were pissheads, but these famous faces take it to the next level and own their own beer and liquor brands

If you’ve scrolled any pro surfer’s account on Instagram the past 12 months it’s unlikely you’ve gone a day without hearing about Balter beer, the XPA (extra pale ale) owned by shark-ninja Mick Fanning, fellow world champ Joel Parkinson, and another couple tour surfers in Bede Durbidge and Josh Kerr. And whether you’re boycotting Coopers or not, Balter’s a frothie worth trying.

But these four pro surfers aren’t the first high profile Aussies to start a brewery. And they follow a long line of celebs to own liquor brands, including Brad Pitt (Miraval Rose), Dan Aykroyd (Crystal Head Vodka), Diddy (Ciroc) and countless others.

But it’s musos who seem to own the lion’s share of inebriating brands, which makes sense given they’re historically the largest consumers.

Here are five brands you didn’t know had popular rockers behind them—and three of them are Aussies.

Lovells Lager

It’s been a staple of Sydney bars since about 2009, one of the first to jump onto the craft brew trend with their sessions lager. It was originally brewed in the Bondi laundry of Silverchair bassist Chris Joannou by sound engineer Matt Lovell. And when the crisp, malt lager turned out alright, the lads moved to more suitable environment to brew what would become a cult – and rare – beer. We’re still trying to confirm it exists outside of our dreams.

La Mascara

Speaking of Silverchair, drummer and songwriter Ben Gillies decided to get in on the money factory that is craft booze, too. You probably haven’t tried these pre-mix premium tequila cocktails on account of them not being beer, but you’ll be familiar with bottles the go-to for sweet-tooth types who refuse to wait any longer to get shit-hammered and can’t be bothered slicing up the lime.

Skinny Blonde

You know the bottles, the one with the well-endowed blonde (the boobs that resemble a dead heat in a zeppelin race) on the front, whose top vanishes as you drink the beer to reveal her bare cartoon boobs. It’s legit beer and one of the OG low-carb entries. And it’s co-owned by The Vines drummer, Hamish Rosser.

Cabo Wabo Tequila

Bass players and drummers may prefer the schooies, but the front men are all hard-rock liquor, as evidenced by former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar. His voice is more haggard than Hagar these days, and likely no thanks to this pretty decent tequila – named after the Van Halen song he wrote about being near blackout drunk and trying to walk on a Mexican Beach.

Pura Vida Tequila

If you’ve ever needed a reason to drink more tequila or give it another go, there’s scientific evidence that suggests it’s a stimulant. Like, liquid cocaine. Which explains those heavy 3am D&Ms about dad. And this one’s up there with some of the best and owned by two of the heaviest rockers of their respective generations – ZZ Top’s Bill Gibbons and Godsmack’s Sully Earner.

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