Bobby De Keyzer’s Photography is a Worthy Second String

Sometimes you can tell by watching someone skate that they have an eye for design.  

Seeing new Habitat pro Bobby De Keyzer skate would give you that impression; his video parts seem more a curated selection of spots and tricks rather than your standard two minutes of footage put to the latest track. And when you see Bobby’s photography it all makes sense; an eye for colour, texture and light, Bobby has used his world travels to capture moments, highlighting the extraordinary in the everyday. We checked in with Bobby to see how he got his start and where he wants to take it. Look for Bobby’s new pro model, April 15th in finer skateshops everywhere.

words and interview by Sean Mo

How did you get into photography?

I got into photography from my eldest brother Adrian who is a professional photographer. He gave me my first camera.

Were there specific photographers that influenced you or stood out when you were starting to shoot?

When I first started taking photos I didn’t know anything about photographers, so there wasn’t one specific person’s work that made me want to start taking photos, I just liked cameras and wanted to use them. Later on, Pat O’rourke was probably one of the first photographers that I was really inspired by.

Were you ever interested in shooting skating?

I was shooting photos of my friends skating at first because all I wanted to do was skateboard. But I always knew that I never wanted to be a skate photographer or buy flashes and do stuff like that.

Your skating seems very well curated in terms of tricks and spots, do you see a connection between the aesthetics of skateboarding and photography and design?

I guess the only similarity I see with skateboarding and photography would be being able to leave the house whenever and skate whatever you want, or just walk around and going out and finding things to photograph.

Do have plans to show your work?

I’d like to show more of my work eventually and make a book and things like that, but it’s pretty intimidating and I don’t feel ready to make something like that yet.

Your photos are very in the moment, is this a result of being in the right place at the right time or do you plan shots?

I’ve never planned a photo, I just walk around and take photos of whatever I pass by. The most planning I’ve done would just be waiting until the light gets nicer.

Have you done any commercial work, fashion shoots etc?

I’ve shot a couple editorials for brands and I really like doing that. I definitely want to do more commercial work like that in the future.

Congratulations on going pro for Habitat, what’s next for you?

I just want to keep skating and going on trips and taking photos. Nothing really changes, I still want to be as productive as I can.


View Bobby de Keyzer’s debut pro-model at or bug your local skate shop.

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