Craig Anderson’s Seven Minutes of Fury

There’s a rumble coming from the surfing fringe.

Dane Reynolds and Craig Anderson were once the most powerful marketing force in the game, with groms from Encinitas to Port Macquarie growing out their hair, blacking their crafts, and trading in their store-bought clothes for vintage finds. But then, something unforeseen happened.┬áDane and Craig tore up their contracts with their life-long sponsor, and headed out into the unknown. As we now know, the result of their hiatus is Former, but as nice as the tees are, the significant thing about the brand isn’t the clothes. What’s really going to shake things up is the what comes with the clothes, see above. The boys are as fired up to film as ever, and judging by the seven minutes above, could well be the kick in the pants that surfing so desperately needs.

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