Jim Jocoy: Order of Appearance

Forty years ago, photographer Jim Jocoy dropped out of the University of California, Santa Cruz, and immersed himself in the burgeoning West Coast punk scene.

He and his friends started bands, published zines, wrote poetry, and generally expressed their disaffection. They might’ve even sniffed some glue, but that’s pure speculation. I heard punks were into sniffing glue and Tippex©. That’s what I heard–I have no idea if it’s true. What I do know is Jocoy documented that whole punk thing, and amassed an incredible body of work that barely saw the light of day until the 2002 release of his book We’re Desperate.

We’re Desperate was an amazing time capsule and glimpse into a world everyone wishes they’d had access to. Maybe you saw it at the bookstore back in 2002. Maybe you bought a copy. If you didn’t, you should. And while you’re at it, get his new book, Order of Appearance, a very personal collection of images taken from 1977 to 1980, published by TBW Books. Take a look at this gallery of excerpts we were lucky enough to get out hands on.

All images courtesy Casemore Kirkeby Gallery, San Francisco

Check out Jim’s other stuff at jimjocoy.com

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