Photos from a World Well Travelled

Four years of following legendary snowboarder/dreamer Nicolas Müller around the world has awarded Swiss photographer Silvano Zeiter quite the collection of snaps.

Some of which have graced mag covers, and others which he’s set aside for his book filled with pure aesthetic bliss, Honey Ryder. It’s been released in recent months to coincide with Muller’s feature length film, Fruition, a self-funded documentary about the Swiss snowboarder. To have both a book and a film of such proportion dedicated to focused on you, they’ve got to have a bit more intrigue than just being really damn good on the slopes.

Which is why Zeiter found the perfect subject in Müller. He’s  known as an interesting character who forges his own path in and out of the snow, from sponsorship decisions to his attitude towards environmental sustainability which has seen him dubbed ‘Eco Nico’ in the past. Sure, Honey Ryder has a lot of snow shots (with painfully amazing composition) but it’s also a curation of what like is like for Muller at his home in his favourite resort Laax, travelling, landscapes and abstracts. All in all, the book is a beautifully intimate look at one of snowboarding’s favourite characters.

You can buy it here.

Check out more of Silvano’s work on his website or Instagram @silvanozeiter

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