James Hartley Did another book

New York-based photographer James Hartley is an old buddy of Monster Children, and also he has a large beard in which he often finds birds.

James is a very good photographer, and he is releasing a new book of photos that we thought you might like to see a sample of. We also thought you might like James to answer some questions, including the question on everyone’s mind when they meet a great photographer: Have you ever flushed an egg down the toilet? Please enjoy the following words and pictures.

Where are you from, James Hartley?

Adelaide, Australia.

When did you move to NY?

A little over II years ago.

What were you doing before you moved to the city?

Floating about the place. I was living back in Adelaide for a couple years. Was living in London and Byron Bay briefly before that.

Where in NY are you living?

I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

How would you describe your photography?

Smashed Avocado.

Can you expand on that?

It’s essentially half an avocado, fluffed up with two forks, placed gently on a piece of toast. Maybe an additional squeeze of lime and some chilli flakes for good measure, and priced to sell at a modest $18.

What’s the new book called?


Why didn’t you call it, Gettin’ Arty with Ol’ James Hartley?

Fuck. See this is why we need to talk more, Crombie.

When/where were the photos taken?

They were taken in the first II years since moving to New York. It’s a follow on from my previous book (Everything Led Me to Here) which documented a trip to America, which ultimately led me to move here. Whilst life in New York is a focus of the book, a good chunk were taken all over the place. Australia, LA, Indonesia, Hawaii, Burning Man.

How many dick pics do you have on your phone?

Three. I want to do a book called Pill Dick. It’s an anonymous series of my friends’ penises after a night on ecstasy.

Have you ever flushed an egg down the toilet, and if you haven’t, do you think you will now that the idea is in your head?

You know exactly what I’m doing when I get home tonight. You reckon it will float? Are duck eggs more buoyant than chicken eggs? Actually you probably already know the answer to this.

Where is the new book gonna sell?

Dashwood and Ed Varie in NY, Babylon in LA, 2052 in Adelaide, and also through my website early March. If you’re reading this and want to stock it, let’s get it!

What’s next for you?

I head to LA next week to launch my book over LAABF. I’ve curated a group with the good homie Joe Garvey, at Ed Varie’s LA outpost. It’s a backyard gallery in Eagle Rock. Then after that, it’s back to New York and into the darkroom to print and finish my next series, called Friends Of Face, which I’ll be rolling out over the Summer.

Launch of James’s new book: 19 Monroe Street (inside Essex Flowers) NY, NY, Feb 17. 6–9pm

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