Searching for Waves in Sumatra? Look no Further than Mahi-Mahi

When you’re taking precious time off work for holiday/surf trip, you want to put money down on a sure thing.

Two-week boat trips are great, except when the conditions aren’t. So if you’re looking for a land camp style situation, like we were on our strike mission with Steph Gilmore for the shooting of The Tempest last year, look no further than Mahi-Mahi Surf Resort. Steph and the rest of us bumbling fools posted up there, and as a result can confirm it’s worth your time and money. The all-inclusive resort is located on Simeulue Island in the Aceh province in northern Sumatra, and due to its spot near the equator isn’t affected by trade winds. Meaning? Meaning good conditions for surfing all year round, ya dumby.

Right out front of the bungalows and villas is The Peak, the most consistent wave on the island. It’s in full view of all the accommodation, so a surf check is never further away than a quick roll out of bed. And, if you start to get a bit of cabin fever or just want to check out something new, the resort does boat charters to the Banyaks (about 4-5 hours away). The Banyaks is where we filmed a massive portion of The Tempest, and has about six different spots that all face different directions, so you’ll get a surf in no matter what.

Need another reason to go hit up Mahi Mahi? It’s a for-profit enterprise that initially started to address the turtle-poaching problem on nearby Bangkaru Island. The revenue is used to provide constant funding for the problem, as well as providing a ranger outpost in order to keep the poachers away. You have a top shelf trip, you save some turtles—everybody wins.

Find out more about Mahi Mahi at their website.

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