Around The World in Print

All photos by Pearce Leal

‘Everyone finds routine in a place they frequent. Our lives are made up of familiar places; Places you may call home or someone else calls home… Everyone has a Common Place’, says photographer Pearce Leal.

Over the last year, Pearce has traversed a large portion of the globe, shooting everything along the way. “Recently, I brought a small portion of my work together from the last year to create a small A5 hardcover book”, he says. Based around the theme of everyday subjects, the book’s sequence was shot over three months through Japan, India, Cuba, Guatemala and Mongolia.

In Guatemala, Pearce spent time in the highlands, made up of a series of high valleys enclosed by mountains that double as dormant volcanoes, with a select few still active. In India, he drove through the desert, stopping to visit incredibly remote shepherd villages 4 hours from Jodhpur. Over in Cuba, he explored the time warped streets of Havana and the working Tobacco farms outside of the city.

Can’t afford a round the world trip? Just open this book instead. Here’s Pearce doing just that right here. You can order your own copy over on his website. Safe travels.

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