Artist Mark Whalen is Releasing Never Before Seen Work

It’s always a wonderful thing when dusty old works get brushed off and thrown into the world for the first time.

And such is the case for Australian born, LA-based artist Mark Whalen, in his new release, Sketchbook. For seven years, an entire collection of sketches have been kept in his studio in flat files, and it’s these that make up the 100 page publication of his never before seen work. Using pencil and tracing paper to sketch out ideas before he transfers them to his preferred medium (board), Mark creates intricately textured and colourfully geometric works. Faceless characters placed in social narratives, and the evolution of sketches before they leave the pages and become real life sculptures fill the book, and you can pre-order it here.

Sketchbook launch Thursday 16 February, 7-9pm,  exhibition 16-18 February at Neospace – 7 Campbell Street, Collingwood, Melbourne.

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