BTS of Martin Craft’s Moody Mystery Track, “Blood Moon”

When it comes to moody piano and string-based folk mystery tracks, Martin Craft is your man.

His recently released music video, “Blood Moon” was made during a late night and early morning in his hometown of Joshua Tree. He had earlier in the year met talented all-rounder Antony Langdon, who would be the man to direct it. The two initially met over a conversation based on the fragrance 4711—probably one of the oldest perfumes to still be produced. It was first made in the 18th century or thereabouts—your grandma might know about it, ask her. Anyhow, the two hit it off and collaborated on this gem of a piece of art.

I asked Martin a couple of questions around meeting Antony and the making of the video and here’s what he had to say.

I met Antony Langdon in LA right at the end of my California period but I wish I’d met him at the beginning…love that guy. George Byrne introduced us. Antony and I have a few parallels…he was in a band called Spacehog in the 90s with his brother, I was in Sidewinder with mine. We both ended up in LA, both drive an old Mercedes (his is blue, mine gold) and we both wear 4711 cologne. I only wear it occasionally but I always have a bottle on the go. It’s a cheap, common scent but it’s fresh, simple and elegant, good for a summer morningAnd historic – it was launched in 1792. It’s probably deeply unfashionable, and till Antony I’ve never met anyone else who likes that stuff as much as me!

We made this video after a long shoot which didn’t go according to plan, so we basically improvised it and let it flow. We were in Joshua Tree National Park on a summer’s evening, so the atmosphere was amazing. We went back with the small crew, up to my place on the mountain side and drank gin and tonics whilst shooting the shovel scenes!”

Headlights, lonely roads, fear and a static energy. Antony brings a steadfast film noir to match the dark moon reflections of Martin’s music. It’s a great moment when a track and visuals take things to the next ethereal level. Enjoy. His album Blood Moon is available through Heavenly Recordings.

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