These Images Speak Louder Than Trump Yells

Photos by Sye Williams

On Sunday, some 500,000 women, men and children joined together to attend the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

Another estimated 2.5 million rallied at one of the 672 ‘sister marches’ around the world. All those people, and guess how many arrests were made? Zero. Not because the people marching weren’t angry—they were, and they will continue to be. But there was something bigger and smarter and much more effective than anger at play—there was hope. Hope that no matter your race, your religion, your gender, or your tiny, almost comically sized hands, we all believe in human rights and equality for all.

The date of the march, January 21, was a good day to protest because it was the day after the inauguration of a man who has never believed in any of those things. He has never believed in a woman’s right to make decisions pertaining to her own body, or in wage equality, or in something as simple as speaking about women with respect.

There is so much to say about this man who has landed himself in a role that he is so diabolically unfit for, but we’re honestly sick of talking about him. What a waste of fucking energy. His hate isn’t ours to bear, and so instead, let’s show some love for the incredible humans that joined together over the weekend to go high, just like Mama Bama asked. In D.C, the HQ of the Women’s March, photographer Sye Williams was on hand to capture La Résistance, and his images speak much louder than Trump yells.


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