Last Chance for Tickets to See Tassie’s Best Lineup

If you’re young, dumb, and full of fun, no doubt you’ve been to at least one festival in this wide open land we call Australian.

If you’re Australian, that is. It’s also more than likely that Tasmania might not have been on your radar for a good time when it comes to the summer music scene. But it should be, and here’s why: Party in the Paddock. Have you seen the lineup? For a festival that’s only in its fifth year it’s pulling some big names in Australia music (see below). And, if nothing else, it’s going to be one of Sticky Fingers last shows (possibly ever), so you might not want to miss that one.

Music festival these days are all about the garnish. Wha do we mean by garnish? Those saucy little added extras that make the experience all the more enjoyable, and PITP have some stellar ones. Yoga, interactive performance spaces, art installations, comedy acts, and of course, the food and drink that only Tassie has—the best of the best. We already know you don’t have any plans Feb 10th-12th, so go get loose in a paddock just 20 minutes from Tassie city centre. No worries, no dickheads and definitely no shredding or shuffling—just some cold bevs, good food and incredible tunes on a damn big patch of grass. What could be better?

Last chance for tickets right here. Don’t miss out.

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