Flight Facilities to Play Keep Sydney Open Rally Jan 21

When it comes to people with annoying faces, Mike Baird scores a 10.

It’s pretty much the only thing he does well—that smug little smile that masks a sad, hypocritical megalomaniac with a penchant for casinos. Alas, this weekend is not about him, it’s about the rest of us who refuse to watch our beloved city burn to rubble because of a crooked government’s oppressive policies.

That’s why this weekend, we need you to fight for our collective right to party. The Keep Sydney Open campaign has announced they’re kicking off 2017 with a rally this Saturday night in Kings Cross—one of the hardest hit zones due to Sydney’s lockout laws.

At the end of last year, Baird tried to appease his opponents by extending the lockout laws a whopping 30 minutes in some areas. Keep Sydney Open rejects this as a solution to the dire problem facing Sydney’s once thriving culture and entertainment scene and wants them removed completely.

Soundtracking this weekend’s rally will be none other homegrown heroes Flight Facilities, who are strong opponents of the lockout laws after cutting their teeth early in their career at the now closed Hugo’s in the Cross.

In a statement, Flight Facilities said: “Having met in Kings Cross nearly nine years ago, the place holds a special place in our hearts. We, personally, realise the importance of nightlife as a breeding ground for ideas and talent. To stand by and watch the continual erosion of a vital stone in the path to our success would be a disservice to Sydney, its music lovers and other potential musicians.”




See you there.


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