Raunchy Erotica in the Name of Trump, in ‘Hands off my Cuntry’

Nikki Peck, The Sleepover

Get steamy at HOTTER THAN JULY‘s third installment of erotic art.

The third installment of curator and artist Savannah Spirit is set to be just like its namesake, HOTTER THAN JULY.  Hands Off My Cuntry is available for your viewing pleasure at the Undercurrent Projects in NYC, but only until January 22. This witty and no holds barred approach to erotic art features the work of artists Mike Cockrill, Lapis Danado, Annique Delphine, Adam Handler, Morgan Jesse Lappin, Joanne Leah, Nikki Peck, John Phelan, Alexandra Rubinstein, Courtney Frances Fallon, Jones the Savage and Savannah Spirit herself.

The aptly named, Hands Off My Cuntry, is equal parts a stand for women’s rights, and a big middle finger to the man who’s about to take over as President. The timing of this exhibition is impeccable, with just a few days remaining until the Donald is sworn in as President. What better way to welcome the new guy then to turn his face into some saggy nether regions?We’re unsure if Trump’s likely to drop by, but would thoroughly enjoy the Tweets that would follow if he did. Far from a Trump supporter herself, Savannah even uses the show’s mission statement to address him in an open letter:

Dear Trump,

We are a group of artists concerned you and your administration will be dismantling some important laws when you take office on the 20th, especially a 43-year-old one called Roe vs Wade. As you know, this law protects the welfare of women. It ensures the safety of women when they need help the most. Being a father of women we hope you understand the importance of keeping this law on the books when you take office and in the next 4 years. The last thing American women need is to fall behind in healthcare with no place to go for help. Defunding Planned Parenthood is not the answer. The last thing American women need is to go back in time to the back alley abortion and possibly die from not having proper care. The last thing we need is America to take a big step back. Going forward is the only way. In all honesty, we sympathize with your need for “pussy grabbin’ and we are sure you would enjoy this show since it involves a lot of pussy and grabbin’. In fact we welcome you to stop by and see the show for a much deeper appreciation on this matter. However, in the end it is a plea from us to you to keep your hands off our cuntry.

Thank you,

Signed the artists in the show and all people who believe in women’s rights. 

Included in the exhibition will be work from Alexandra Rubinstein—who has in particular pushed a few buttons in the art world and beyond—with her female POV of Obama performing cunnilingus. And though Savannah is no stranger to proudly flying the flag for provocative and sensual female art, this exhibition could easily be her raunchiest curation yet.

Mike Cockrill, Boy Scout Salute
Morgan Jesse Lappin, Job Training
Courtney Frances Fallon, I Fucking Love You
Savannah Spirit, Film Strip
Thanks Obama, Alexandra Rubinstein
Annique Delphine, The Yielding

If you’re in NYC don’t miss out on HOTTER THAN JULY: Hands Off My Cuntry, showing at the Undercurrent Projects in the Bowery, New York until January 22.

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