The Worst Kept Secret in Surfing is Officially Out

Noa Deane joins Volcom.

This one’s been rumbling the grapevine for a good six months, and the deal was inked well before Xmas. But, January 13th’s the day, and it’s now officially official: Noa Deane has texta’d the infamous Volcom Stone onto the beak of his crafts. The deal’s valid for five years, and reportedly worth half a million bucks (US) a year. Not bad for a 22-year-old from the working-class suburb of Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. It’s a hefty wack, and Volcom might’ve had to lay off a few less-marketable team riders in the process, but you can’t help but think that it’s one of the smartest signings in surfing in recent years. Noa’s a perennial breath of fresh air in an increasingly stale surf world, and one of the few surfers still doing it with the weight to sell product to the kids who pretty much shop at op shops exclusively. Don’t think that Noz’s going to have a free ride though. An insider’s who’s seen a few Volcom contracts in his time says that coin from the Stone don’t come easy: expect more trips and films from Noa than ever. Good for him, good for us, good for surfing. Oh, and if they come out with a sig black trunk of a sensible length in the near future expect to see a lot more Volcom on the hips of the groms at your local.


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