C.W Stoneking Vs Nathaniel Rateliff

Like Amy Winehouse and Kermit the frog, C.W Stoneking’s face doesn’t match his voice.

With eyes closed, you imagine a bluesman from New Orleans in the 1930s, but when you open them, you see a fair skinned, tattooed Australian guy dressed all in white. Then you get hooked into the groove of one of his songs and you couldn’t give a shit what he looks like, just so long as he keeps making those sounds.

In March, Stoneking embarks upon an Australian tour, accompanied by Denver-based bluesman Nathaniel Rateliff, and his band, The Night Sweats. This week, Interview mag tried to steal our thunder by announcing they had Beyonce interview Solange for their latest issue, but did Solange tell a boner joke? Exactly, didn’t think so. Here’s C.W and Nathaniel asking each other the tough questions.

Nathaniel interviews CW:

How do you stay fit on the road?

I don’t stay fit on or off the road, I just try not to eat too many pancakes or biscuit & gravy, and don’t drink soda pop. Well, maybe half a soda pop once a week.

What’s your favourite book?

It used to be Moby Dick, now I haven’t looked at a book in so long I can’t even remember what’s in them. I don’t have a favourite anymore.

How old were you when you started playing guitar?

I was 11-years-old when I started playing guitar. I learnt some chords off of my stepdad and my dad and then went on from there. I learned a lot of chords out of songbooks.

What’s the best meal you’ve had on the road?

I don’t know about the best ever but I have favourite dishes/restaurants in different locations that I travel to…maybe the best would be in Greece, in Thessaloniki, they laid out 2 long tables full of food for us at a restaurant— lots of seafood, lamb, salad, and cheese. That comes to mind, and is probably my favourite country to visit.

Do you watch football, and if so, what kind?

American, European or Australian? I don’t watch it much, I watched the Australian grand final this year because my team made it in, the Bulldogs. Me and the band found a joint after our show in Fort Worth Texas that put it on the big screen for us, it was a good close game and my team won.

CW interviews Nathaniel:

What’s your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?

Juice or ham, maybe sex as well.

What’s your most favourite place in the World?

My kitchen or my backyard.

You got some sweet moves on stage, did you ever breakdance in the 80s?

I did my best to try to break dance with no formal training, but I did tell the kids in my neighbourhood that my name was Michael. Thriller was the first album my parents gave me.

What’s the funniest joke you know?

What’s the difference between your car and my hard on?

I don’t have a car right now.

Who would you most like to karate kick in the face?

Donald fucking Trump.



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