Parquet Courts are an Analog Band for the Digital Age

Photos by Tom Wilkinson

Parquet Courts are cooler than all of us.

Somehow they’ve managed to dodge the social media bullet that record labels, fans and most humans with electricity demand of themselves and each other. That’s right folks, their website has ‘.wordpress’ in the URL, their Instagram has 5 images (last updated in 2014), and their Facebook presence is a fan page. Go figure. This is a great example that being present and doing your thing doesn’t need another any other line of rhetoric; they do what they do and they do it well.

I was way jazzed to watch Parquet Courts live for the first time. As a new fanI’ve listened almost non stop to their latest release Human Performance and their very strong back catalogue since last year. Seeing them storm through their set at the Factory Theatre last night in Marrickville was a real treat. Their jaunty casual punk sounds filled the room and hearts of the crowd. Their sound wavers somewhere between the guitar licks of old country, and then fierce surf rock to proper hard out punk. The whole vibe hints at The Modern Lovers giving a nod to Television and Gang of Four. The banter between the band and crowd was filled with charm and wit.

Oh, and if they weren’t awesome enough, Andrew Savage co-lead vocalist is also the visual artist for the band. His album covers and t-shirts are stand alone whimsical wizardry. Evidence below:

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