Andrew Peters’ Portfolio is a Work of Art

Andrew Peters has been a part of the MC family for as long as we can remember.

So it seemed only right to feature his ‘best of’ in our once-a-year ‘best of’ photo annual. Enjoy the cream from one of the most prolific snappers in the game.

I’ve known Andrew since he was a teenager and just figuring out how to use a camera. It all came pretty quickly for him, and by the time he hit his twenties he was already one of the best skate photographers in Australia. Since then, he’s established himself firmly in the LA skate scene, and that’s no mean feat in these times of wallowing print media. But where doors shut, Andrew has opened some of his own, creating multiple zines and websites to share his photos and ideas. He’s not a one-trick pony either, he can shoot lifestyle and fashion just as beautifully as an action shot, all the while keeping it clean and honest. Monster Children wouldn’t be quite what it is today if it weren’t for Andrew. A magazine is only as good as its photographers, and luckily Andrew is one of the best – Dave Chami

KEVIN ‘SPANKY’ LONG – SWITCH WALLIE – VERNON Days before the deadline for Spanky’s Made 2 video part, we found ourselves at a barrier spot mucking around for a couple of hours. Jon Sciano found this weird slab of concrete and put it in front of the gap to make a new ‘spot’. Within an hour or so of the days’ last light we’d walked away with this gem and Kevin got one more clip for his part when we all least expected it. Believe it or not someone has actually gone back now and concreted this thing to make it even more skateable.
MIKE ANDERSON – WALLRIDE GRAB OUT – THE VALLEY You meet all kinds of people when you’re shooting skate photos. It exposes you to people from all kinds of backgrounds, ages, opinions and interests. You get glimpses into the way some lives are lived that even take you right out of your comfort zone for a minute. When I met Mike and actually spent some time with him and all his family it felt like hanging with an old friend and it’s damn nice to have old friends around a new city.
CHIMA FERGUSON – SWITCH BACKSIDE TAILSLIDE – BRICKTOWN, SANTA ANA Chima is my oldest friend; we met when we were 9 years old. Although I’m a whole 7 days older, I’ve always looked up to him. I had just arrived to live in LA as he was moving back to Australia; it kinda sucked. Now I only get to see him when he passes through on other tours and we get a quick chance to skate and grab a couple beers. On this particular weeklong visit, he came with a big claim for the legendary Bricktown skate spot. The mission to this rail was exciting but scary as this is the gnarliest thing I’ve ever shot and seen Chima do in person. It was a real battle, he must have stuck about 20 of them and put in a solid couple of hours before finally rolling away with the most perfect and maybe the craziest Switch Back Tailslide ever done.
DON ‘NUGE’ NGUYEN – DROP IN – SILVERLAKE Nuge, Tino Razo and Andrew Allen live on the same street as this thing. They’d eyed it off while the dumpster sat at the bottom of this trash chute wondering if it was actually possible. The day came where the street cleared out but the chute remain and the myth had to be busted. I’d been out skating all day, without Nuge, but headed back to the house as Andrew started to line things up with his room mate, convincing him, today was the day. We got to the house and he had just picked up his new babe from the airport and was jamming guitars on the front porch to warm up. A crew of 10 of us walked up the hill to check out the beast. The structure was wobbling and Nuge plunged through the chute ducking under the guillotine, splatting into the street and taking off down the hill straight to the bar for the victory drink. To top it all off, when the house was all renovated and finished, we got a print made and Nuge went and personally dropped it off to the home-owners as a house warming gift. Legendary.
SAMMY WINTER – OLLIE – PASADENA Moving away from all of your friends at home is pretty tough but luckily skateboarding brings a whole ton of my mates through town a couple of times a year. Sammy got to town and Austyn Gillette had this spot for him explaining, “I think it’s better for a goofy footer.” This thing isn’t really good for any stance and Sammy worked away at it for a while to figure out the bump and get it over. I shot this from the roof of a bus shelter across a 4-lane road. There was a filmer from in front and behind, but across the road also. On the attempt that Sammy wound up rolling away, cars went in front of both angles of the footage and my birds eye view is the only evidence in existence that Sammy got his lanky ass up and over that wall.
AIDAN MACKAY – DROP IN – SILVERLAKE Aidan is a dirt-bag so it makes complete sense that he has incorporated dirt into his skating. The attempts of this drop in were hilarious. Watching him plug and dive head-first was so bizarre that I couldn’t help but find myself laughing my ass off out loud as he rolled down the hill all dusty.
ELIJAH BERLE – BACKSIDE OLLIE – 605 DITCH Whilst a crew of us were casually session-ing the 605 ditch one afternoon, Elijah came flying in through the crusty transition, soaring out of it high above the lip. Realizing he was about to do it again I grabbed my camera and ran across the canal. I got squared up; got low and let Elijah’s power and style take care of the rest.
TINO RAZO – ROCK ‘N’ ROLL – THE BRONX, NEW YORK My first ever trip to New York I’d been advised to go straight to Max Fish and hang with Tino Razo. A lot of people have surely been given this advice upon arriving in New York over the decades and it was damn good advice. Years later we’ve found ourselves both living in LA and I’m damn proud to call him one of my best friends. Coincidentally we were back out in New York at the same time this year and found time between bars to head to the Bronx to go skateboarding. This beautiful woman walked into a strip of light just as Tino lapped over this Rock ‘n’ Roll and we walked away with a pretty epic one in the city he once famously localized.

Photos and Captions by Andrew Peters

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